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The most immersive parts of any Heart of La Crosse show are the improv scenes we create with audience suggestions. This style of collaborative comedy results in a distinctive show each and every night.


At private events for individual organizations, we bring a program of varied sketches in a rough framework. One might be “Fractured Fairy Tales” where the audience gives us the principle characters and our journey is to provide a moral to the story. Another may be “Corporate Retreat” where we recreate a company seminar with the audience determining the type of company we work for, the reason for the retreat and a totally unexpected location for the event.


The exciting thing is, different shows for the same organization will turn out completely differently simply because the ideas we get from the audience are exclusive to the viewpoints, personalities and mood of each crowd. Incorporating the ideas from your attendees makes a Heart Of La Crosse show singular, unique and timely.


We’re business professionals ourselves so we understand how keeping things PG-13 is important to the image of your event and the comfort of your audience.  In short, when you book The Heart Of La Crosse for your event, you can feel confident of the on-stage content.


Whether you need a headliner or an opening act, The Heart Of La Crosse can accommodate you needs. Click on the link below to get a quote for your event. Include your date, city and location of your function to get more information on how to book The Heart Of La Crosse for a personalized night of laughter and fun.

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