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As a group, about the only thing we are serious about is making people laugh. It’s the thing that binds us together. Laughter is what takes us from being individuals to a troupe.


Comedy comes in many different forms, but the one commonality is the sense of community it builds. A laugh is often shared and contagious. It's an outward sign that people are, perhaps for only a second, in sync with each other. A shared laugh is an affirmation that despite any outward differences, there exists a common ground with those enjoying the moment. That’s probably why we love performing on stage so much and being part of the laughter people experience; because that laughter is a signal that “yeah, we’re on the same page, we all understand this”.


We love sketch comedy and song parody, but the Heart of La Crosse is at it’s core about improv. Improvisation may be the purest form of comedy. It's initiated by the audience's ideas and the performer's imagination. The beauty is its singularity; it exists only for the people who are able to experience it as it occurs.  The virtue of improv is the fleeting and unique moment of laughter it creates because once it’s enjoyed - it’s gone. It’s not written down, it’s not rehearsed, it’s not scripted, it just is.


Much of comedy is observation and translation. That translation, when uttered, viewed or revealed is often where laughter  begins and the connection between people  of often disparate opinions is created. In our mind, comedy transcends differences of race, religion, gender or group affiliation.  That transcendence is because everything is fair game. We understand not everyone may find our humor engaging all the time, and though we may skewer, parody and satirize, we never  aim to hurt.


We’re equal opportunity  performers. Very little is taboo with us, though typically we strive to be PG-13. As a culture, these days it seems as if we have broadened our horizons and narrowed our focus. We have  increased our capacity for compassion and reduced our ability to accept. We have thickened our tolerance but thinned our skin.


That which one person deems unfunny another will  find uproarious. Sometimes one person finds offense in topics, observations or jokes that are a bit too close in truth or comfort to accept or simply let go.  The person laughing next to the one with a frown found humor in the moment. Most likely the tables will turn and he or she who is currently scowling will be laughing once again while his or her seatmate is silent.  There are those who manufacture controversy or histrionics to provoke or offend merely to gain attention. Rest assured, that is not us.


We hope that when you come to a show, you can laugh with us. Fear not being judged at what you find humorous. The moment is yours, ours and  theirs. Laughter is what we share and celebrate by what we give and receive.

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